Gardens and Fields

 Our Gardens

The garden to the rear of the house is on two levels, the upper garden has a big lawn surrounded by shrubs and fruit trees with a lovely view across the Morw Valley to woods and fields while the lower garden is more ornate with flower beds, potted plants  and a raised patio area.  There are plenty of spots to relax, bench seating on the patio,  picnic tables in  both upper and lower gardens and for the dedicated idler there's a hammock slung between the cherry trees.


There's also a paddock above the garden which we own where there are fruit trees, mature oaks and ash trees, we manage this area with a light touch and generally stick to a schedule of removing brambles and ferns which gives the wild flowers a better chance to succeed. 


The front garden has a large flower bed and a small seating area under a shady tree, it has small table for two and a couple of chairs,  a nice place to watch the world go by.   

A few pictures of the gardens
Our Fields 

Our fields lead down to the river and are just accross the road from the cottage, they're mainly pasture with a small wood and an orchard. We manage the land organically and keep the grass down by grazing the pasture with a small flock of sheep.  

 Quietly sitting in the fields by the river  can be very rewarding as far as seeing the area's wildlife goes, we regularly see otters at twighlight and recognise their calls in advance now that we're familiar with them. We nearly always see buzzards and herons as we walk down the field in the morning and ducks, swans and moorhen regularly visit throughout the year.  Kingfishers nest nearby and add a flash of brilliant colour to the day as they whiz up the river. Dippers bob in and out of the water from the stones of the  island in the river and red kites frequenty glide overhead.  We normally see Canada geese in the summer and recently a couple of  little egrets have begun to show up.

Taking a picnic over to the river is a wonderful way to spend the evening, give it a go when you visit.